Love your nets. I have them in all hole sizes and they are going strong after more than 5 years! Thank you.
Julia, Adelaide Hills, SA
Love your products. Have been a "user" for nearly 10 years. Products really last well. I use them daily for 4 ponies. They stand up to "soaking" too, for Cushings pony's hay. Highly recommend these products. Thank you
Nannette, TAS
These are the best hay nets!!!!! Only buying to have more - all my originals are still in perfect condition after years of use.
Kim, Thurgoona, New South Wales
I have used these slow feed nets since the beginning of Greedy Steed. They are simply brilliant for my miniature donkeys. And they last - I am still using the original ones I purchased, the ones with knots, still all perfect, and these knotless ones are the same quality and very easy to use. It makes taking hay to shows and events very easy, you can hang them anywhere, and everytime I sell a foal, a mini size premium Greedy Steed net comes as part of the purchase. It is just the best way to ensure they don't get overfed, it keeps the hay off the ground and is time saving.
Margaret, York Western Australia
I've tried most nets these are superior by far. Benefits are: softer on hands (especially older hands), easy to wash, don't tear, nicer to handle on cold mornings, easier to tie, the biggest feature being easier on your hands. Did I mention much cheaper. Anyone who comes up with a product so superior to all the rest deserves enormous praise.
Rani, Victoria
I bought 2 of the Premium Slow feed hay nets, to try out, and couldn't be more pleased. Great quality, perfect size, easy to fill and happy horses.
Leonie, Pental Island Victoria
Love your nets, they last brilliantly and my horse eats really well from them. Thanks so much team, a super product :)
Liz, Reedy Marsh Tasmania
Have had one delivery of hay nets and the delivery was very prompt. Hay nets excellent quality. Have tried a couple of others, but they are rather light weight, and break easily.
Lois, Margate Tasmania
Great product. Made with quality materials. Use the ones i have daily. Will be back for more when i can afford them.
Debra, Modella Victoria
My horse was getting bored in the paddock, he was starting to wind suck.. I purchased one of your hay nets and fill it everyday.. He's no longer grabbing onto the fence and is so much more content standing eating his hay... Thanks heaps.. Greedy steed is a life saver..
Lesley, Lithgow New South Wales
Fantastic product! I am a repeat buyer. Absolutely love them!
Hannah, Aldinga Beach South Australia
The best slow feed hay product on the market, top quality and so easy to use, and stops virtually all wastage
Victoria Ferguson Dip. Herb. Med. Equine Herbalist, New South Wales
Fantastic haynet's my last ones are still in use 4 years on and only 2 of the 5 have started to wear out :-)
Kim, Ross Creek Victoria
Best slow feeders around!!
Di, Sydney New South Wales
My now 27 yo Thoroughbred gelding used to get mild colic every winter and I was always worried about the potential for a major colic attack. Since feeding his hay in your small hole hay nets, he's never shown a sign of colic. I especially like the 3 cm hole nets as they really slow him down. He has major issues with food and initially the small hole nets really annoyed him but he's now used to them.
Carole, Grafton New South Wales
Using Greedy Steed hay nets at the moment. Best hay nets on the market. Love that they are square in shape and easy to fill with hay. 4cm holes suit my greedy ponies. Wouldn't buy any other hay net.
Veronica, Milton Queensland
Just a quick email to advise that "problem solved" with gutsy mare - it certainly has slowed her up, and she's not as impatience to be let out in the mornings. Great product, really good quality and well made.
Julie, Croydon Park New South Wales
Love these hay bags ! Initially got one for my Friesian who likes to gobble his nights hay ration in about 20 minutes ! This net slowed him right down and it's very sturdy. Just ordering a couple more now for the other stables horses. FANTASTIC PRODUCT.
Traci, Nerang Queensland
Ordered two nets last year for soaking hay for laminitic horse, used intensively, either being soaked 12+hrs or being used for 12+hrs and no wear. Used for warmbloods who bang them about and keeps them busy overnight when stabled. Excellent for pregnant mares that need to be locked up and can't go without food and stops wastage of hay. Recommend them to everybody.
Mascha, Palmers Channel New South Wales
Just want to say how great your product is. When I first purchased one of your hay nets I wasn't sure it would last with one of my horses who is very rough and destroys just about anything given to him, but it has withstood him perfectly. This horse has also recently injured himself and so is now confined to a stable. Your hay nets, especially with the 3cm holes has helped me keep him quiet and very happy in his stable as he can't gorge himself on his hay. Thankyou for your wonderful product and fast dispatch!
Nicole, Wagga Wagga New South Wales
I have previously bought haynets off you before, and need more as I'm going away and it will be easier to have the nets ready to go for the people who are caring for them, plus its handy to have more on hand.

I came back to you for 4 more as the service is impeccable, they arrived very quickly, they most certainly do the job they are meant to (slow feeding).

They are of excellent quality, and have held up extremely well.

Thank you for your excellent service and product.
Chelsea, Maitland New South Wales
These haynets are brilliant. The knitted type material is soft but strong - I have never had to repair any holes in one yet! And I have found that young horses in training who lose an "incisor cap" (as often happens) are reluctant to eat out of other haynets (made of thin nylon rope type material) but seem to be happy enough to continue nibbling through their soft Greedy Steed haynet.
Margi, Geraldton Western Australia
Having bought 2 last week they are the best thing for stopping hay wastage. I Couldn't wait to buy more, also your service is excellent.
Michelle, Perth Tasmania
I just HAVE to say thank you!!! I am soooo happy with my hay net...it took my filly 4.5 hours to empty it this morning...she was so much happier today! Thank you again for an amazing and great quality hay net!!
Jessica, Hillier South Australia
I trialled the nets with my two cut late stallions. Both highly playful & destructive, plus dreadfully fast eaters. The nets are still pristine & the boys now nibble contentedly through their hay. Thankyou for a fabulous product.
Jacquelene, Corowa New South Wales
Love these products and recommend to friends. Great product with quality materials and fabulous welfare friendly slow-feed design!
Jacqui, San Isidore New South Wales
Best hay nets I have ever had! Purchasing 2 more for a friend for her birthday.
Michelle, Donald Victoria
Hi, thank you so much for such a fantastic product. I ordered a couple last month and they are brilliant. Less wastage and it now takes my horses all night to eat the hay instead of finishing it within the first hour. The hay nets are REALLY easy to fill and I love the ropes you use as they are easy to tie up and don't get all knotted like the thin ones. ;- ) Thanks Heaps.
Tammy, Palmerston Northern Territory
I am using these three hay nets to feed my 3 very pregnant mares in the paddock, two of which have never eaten from a hay net before. It has definitely slowed them down. I wanted to tell you that your hay nets are the best quality and designed hay nets I have ever used. I am going to order another 6 or more for the rest of the herd and throw out the ones I have been using.
Patricia, Jindabyne New South Wales
I was/am so happy with my previous purchase, I didn't even think of looking elsewhere when I wanted another, larger haynet :)
Sarah, Elimbah Queensland
I just love these nets. There's never a big pile of ruined stuff like the nylon nets of old. The hay lasts much longer and because the horses are eating more slowly they are staying fuller. My horses wander off then come back for another nibble at the net. Another thing is that they are not so narky with each other at hay time. A great product!
Pat, Milawa Victoria
Just Love them. They are fantastic at shows as they drop less on the ground, saving time in cleaning up. This way the hay also lasts much longer throughout the show day.
Amanda, Kuranda Queensland
A BIG thank you for a fabulous product – it's working a treat! :-)
Jennifer, Lara Victoria
Hi there,
I just wanted to let you know that my Hay Net arrived yesterday and it is wonderful.  I can't believe how much hay I can fit into it and how strong it is.  Thank you so much for your very professional service.
Margaret, Raglan Victoria
Hi The Greedy Steed Team, I received my Greedy Steed hay nets within a few days of order, really fast service, thank you.
The ponies have been using their nets for two nights now and the small holes have certainly made their eating time longer.
They say the simple ideas are the best, this is definitely one of them. Thank you again.
Julianne, Scone NSW
I have received the goods. Thanks for your fast and efficient process. I love the haynets and will spread the word.
Janifer, Marburg QLD
Nets received yesterday, thank you for very prompt postage.   They are a great success!   Horses took a bit of time to work out they couldn’t wolf it down, but this morning, every scrap gone and very little wastage on the ground. They are lovely and strong and well made. Great idea, thanks v much
Melissa, Sawyers Valley WA
I received my deluxe nets today.  Again thank you for you amazing and fast communication and willingness to help.  I will recommend greedy steed hay nets to everyone.  Thank you.  Its a pleasure to watch my horse pull small amounts of hay out at a time and eat slowly, also knowing he is going to be kept busy for a lot longer than normal.  And just for fun I usually put a carrot right in the middle of the hay as a treat for all his hard work!
Melinda, Bacchus Marsh VIC
I have just bought some of your Hay nets, and I must say they are fantastic. So very little wastage dropping on the stable floor now, making cleanup much easier. Wish I had found these sooner! Really good quality and easy to fill with biscuits as well. Just Love them. Thank you Greedy Steed!
Amanda, Kuranda Queensland

Received hay nets. Very pleased with them and will tell all my friends.
Reason I like them so much is:
  • easy to tie: tie up rope is long and can be threaded through to hold net in place. , yet it stays in place when tied up.as soft and flexible
  • Large opening - takes only a minute to fill haynet which is great in large stable
  • Large capacity so can fill with 1 - 3 biscuits as required
  • Good quality twine
Plan to order some more soon. Many thanks
Claire, Willaston SA
My Greedy Steed haynet has arrived safely.  It is beautifully made and such good quality. My pony is spending a lot of time with it! Thank you
Alison, Echunga SA

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A BIG thank you for a fabulous product - it's working a treat!
Jennifer, Lara Victoria
Love these products and recommend to friends. Great product with quality materials and fabulous welfare friendly slow-feed design!
Michelle, Donald Victoria
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