Health Benefits of Slow Feeding

If your equine is on restricted rations due to the complications of laminitis, founder or insulin resistance then slow feeding can help by making each feed last much longer. This reduces boredom, keeps him happier and reduces the chance of gastric ulcers.

All equines have digestive systems that are designed to have a constant flow of roughage. With long periods between each meal, there is no chewing, so less saliva to neutralise the acid. Gastric ulcers are formed when digestive acids come into regular contact with unprotected areas of the stomach. With the use of a slow feeding hay net you reduce the chance of your equine suffering from gastric ulcers.

Equines prone to choke (esophageal obstruction) will benefit from slow feeding because each mouthful is smaller which reduces the chance of a choke episode.

When hung over a rubber mat slow feed hay nets are an excellent way to reduce the ingestion of sand/dirt for the prevention of sand colic.

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