"I have just bought some of your Hay nets, and I must say they are fantastic. So very little wastage dropping on the stable floor now, making cleanup much easier. Wish I had found these sooner! Really good quality and easy to fill with biscuits as well. Just Love them. Thank you Greedy Steed!"

Slow Feed Hay Nets

Slow feed hay nets are great for all equines including those on restricted rations due to the complications of laminitis, founder or insulin resistance. We stock a variety of hay nets to suit all equines.

Slow Feed Hay Nets

Greedy Steed hay nets were designed with the good doer in mind. The small holes ensure your horse will be spending more time doing his favourite thing - eating!

Slow feeding is beneficial for equine’s prone to laminitis, founder, insulin resistance, choke or ulcers. More Info »

The smaller holes reduce wastage especially when soaking hay or feeding compressed hay. Great for feeding in wet or windy weather as there is less wastage of your expensive hay. The smaller holes mean it is harder for your horse to get caught up so they are safer to use and perfect for using in the horse float.

Why buy expensive hay feeders when Greedy Steed hay nets are economical, versatile and durable.

Key Features
  • Economical
  • Increases feeding time
  • Reduces waste
  • No metal parts to rust
Easy to Use
  • Shaped to fit biscuits for easy loading
  • Rope drawstrings are easier to find and easier to untie
  • Generous size allows large amounts of hay to be fed
  • Great for soaking hay
  • Use when floating
  • Useful for windy or muddy weather
  • Perfect for ponies, donkeys & alpacas

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A BIG thank you for a fabulous product - it's working a treat!
Jennifer, Lara Victoria
Love these products and recommend to friends. Great product with quality materials and fabulous welfare friendly slow-feed design!
Michelle, Donald Victoria
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